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Remembering Asti

In Memory of Asti -- Bertha Adamson, January 2021

I am saddened to announce that FC Arlina Ossie von Dorndorf RE AXJ NF CA aka Asti passed away 12 January 2021.

A member of the awesome Dorndorf "O" litter (June 2004) she was an enthusiastic hunter and powerful athlete. Chasing critters was her passion, so much so that even in her old age reliving her youth through dream-chasing was a regular feature of sleep time. Unfortunately she drew the line at dark tunnels so never got far in the pursuit of an Earthdog title.

Her athleticism served her well in agility when it came to speed and jumping. Her sweet nature also made her willing to please, about as obedient as a dachshund can be on a Rally course. Sadly, her anxiety issues when it came to being around a large group of strange people and dogs or tackling some of the obstacles limited her progress with some titles and ended her trial career prematurely.

A wonderful and devoted companion she was skilled at snuggling and kisses. She also took pack perimeter security seriously making certain, until her senses began to fail her, that no package was ever delivered or strange person, dog, cat, squirrel, bird etc. approached without warning.

She spent most of her youth with Diane and John, but as she was not comfortable either going with the pack to events or staying home alone, she came to live with me in Colorado for her retirement about 5 years ago. Born in the East she was not at all fazed by the snow here despite many snow-less years in California. Thanks to bird feeders she had many birds and squirrels to chase and bark at, again until her aging vision turned them into unrecognizable blobs. But I had to draw the line at prairie dogs.

Tuesday morning, Asti had a grand mal seizure that might have been caused or accompanied by a stroke. Considering a history of steadily declining health that included several bouts with pneumonia, neurological problems affecting mobility, cognitive lapses, and a veterinary prognosis that was not good, we decided it was time for Asti to cross the Rainbow Bridge and run free again.

Two images of Asti. The one on the bed was taken last week, though I prefer to remember her as she was when we could do adventures together, as in the photo at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

A letter from Asti from her new home in Denver (Feb 2016)

Auntie Bertha is sending this for me. I'm not doing too bad. Auntie Bertha's patio is not very big but it is full of cats and squirrels and birds! So I want to go out and patrol every 10 minutes. Auntie does not appreciate this, though I only asked to go out once an hour while she slept last night. I didn't sleep much yesterday but I did take a few naps today.

Her stairs are weird going up so I let her carry me. Down is okay cuz they look normal then. But mostly I've been downstairs so I can keep an eye on the patio, of course. Aunt Bertha has mostly stayed down there with me and not in her office. She says it's to keep me company until I feel at home, but I heard her tell a friend it's until my brain gets out of hunting gear. She compared me to how Olive behaves with lizards. That's not fair cuz lizards are fun to hunt but are not as evil as cats, squirrels and birds.

We took two walks today. I keep trying to take her where the squirrel tracks are but she keeps wanting to stay in the open area around her mailbox. I hope I can train her to follow my lead.

She apologized for not having any toys here. I thought a black cat toy was for me to practice my cat destroying but she took it and said it was a Halloween decoration. She said maybe we can get some toys and more treats while people are watching some Super thing tomorrow.

It's cool that I get the dinner bowl and spoon all to myself.

Miss you all, even Olive.

Love, Asti