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Asti 2005Asti

FC Arlina Ossie von Dorndorf RE AXJ NF CA

(June 10, 2004 - January 12, 2021)

Asti is a small standard red longhair bred by Patt Nance in Corning OH. Her Dorndorf kennel name is "Ossie" -- and she is along with her sister Olive, part of Patt's "O" litter with the AKC and "A" litter with the Deutscher Teckelklub (DTK). Asti is descended from a long line of distinguised American field dachshunds, including her mother "Marta." Her father "Kashmir" is a Swedish and Norwegian Champion and an AKC Field Champion.

Asti joined our household in July 2005 just after her first birthday, joining our Wagsmore miniature longhairs Brandy, Remy and Ouzo. Asti was our introduction to European standard longhairs, and we were quickly impressed with her athleticism and hunting instincts.

Asti was 14-15 lbs. and 10" at the shoulders. She was very quick and agile, light on her feet, energetic, attentive, a quick learner, and eager to please. Asti was very affectionate with those she trusted, but nervous around strange dogs, people and in new situations. Despite her great talent, this limited her success in sports like earthdog, agility and obedience.

In early 2016 Asti went to live with our friend Bertha in Denver, following Brandy's death and in anticipation of our move to Seattle. She had many happy years with Bertha until her death in early 2021 at age 16 1/2.

Learn more about Asti's career below:

Lure Coursing: One sport where Asti's drive exceeds her worries is lure coursing. Despite strange dogs barking their heads off, Asti never fails to chase the lure.

Click here for video (7 MB .wmv file) of Asti on the obstacle lure course at Wags for Wishes in July 2006, where she had a great run and earned a "Most Precious" ribbon.

The AKC introduced a Coursing Ability test for all breeds, and Asti earned her CA title on September 1, 2013, at the Evergreen Basenji Club's test in Auburn, Washington.

Asti Wags 2006

Asti tunnel 2006

Field Trials: Asti's first forays into field trials were not a great success. In November 2005 she ran off wild at her first field trial and didn't run again for a year. Then, she developed a fear of her bracemates after being chased around by a dachshund puppy, and didn't have the confidence to work the line in the presence of strange people and dogs.

Asti found her stride in dachshund field trials in early 2007 and earned her Field Championship (FC) in two weekends. She placed first in a class of 35 at the Golden Gate Dachshund Club field trial on March 14, 2007 in Vacaville, CA. The next day she placed fourth at the Dachshund Club of America National Field Trial. A few weeks later, Asti was called back high in a class of 23 at the St. Louis Dachshund Club field trial on April 15, 2007 in Coulterville, IL. She finished in third place to earn her field championship with 50.66 points.

Asti moves down the line quickly, makes fast decisions, and shows strong spurlaut when she is on the line. She is the fifth in her litter to earn an FC (her brother Otter earned his FC the same weekend.) Asti earned her first Absolute at the Sierra field trial in Chino in March 2008 -- five of the Field Champions in her litter have Absolute wins as well!


John and Asti with Asti's DCA 2007 field trial awards and ribbons.

Asti John FT 2007

John and Asti at the 2007 Coulterville IL field trial where Asti earned her FC.

Rally Obedience: Asti earned her Rally Novice (RN) title in September 2006 and stayed in Novice for a while she built confidence and skills. She earned her first RA leg in December 2008 and her Rally Advanced (RA) title in January 2009. Asti earned her Rally Excellent (RE) title in May 2011 at the Badger Dacshshund Club trial associated with DCA.

Agility: Asti has great agility skills but worries about strange dogs at trials. She earned her Agility Excellent Jumpers title in May 2008 and we are hoping to build her confidence so she can start earning MXJ legs and MACH points. [note: unfortunately Asti got more anxious at trials as time went by and despite occasional great runs in practice, never earned another title.]

Asti in Open Jumpers in November 2007.

Asti in the weave poles in Portland OR in January 2008.

Earthdog: Asti's nerves get the best of her in earthdog as well. Asti has a keen interest in the quarry but at earthdog tests she is too worried to go into the tunnel, as you can see below. We're working on it! [note: Asti was never able to earn an earthdog leg.]

At the 2014 DCA events in Sacramento, Asti had an strong set of performances and was a DCA Triathlon Qualifier, at age 10. She received an Award of Merit in the Field Champion Bitches class, placed first in Novice FAST preferred, and qualified in Rally Advanced to earn her certificate.