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Bossa's Journey to California

Meeting Bossa on Gotland (June 9-10, 2012)

On Saturday 9 June 2012, John and Diane boarded a ferry outside of Stockholm to the island of Gotland off the coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. Arriving in the small town of Visby, we drove to the home of May-Gun Bandinge to meet her dachshunds and especially the remaining three puppies in her recent Mercedes x Sam litter.

Upon arrival, our first task was to give the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to the two girls and their brother. The smallest girl tested best for our purposes. We then met Mercedes and Sam and the other dachshunds in the household, and spent time examining and playing with the puppies. (See Bossa's Chirribi's Puppy Photos.)

By the time we left May-Gun's, we were quite impressed by the smallest female puppy. After dinner in Visby, we sent photos and video to Patt and Marie. They gave a thumbs up, and we went back to May-Gun's on Sunday fairly sure that we were interested in the little girl. She greeted us at the door, jumped on Diane's leg, and that was it!

May-Gun says "good-bye" to Bossa (left) and May-Gun with a happy Bossa, John, and Diane (above) as they prepare to leave.

Bossa in Visby and the Ferry from Gotland (June 10, 2012)

We took Bossa to a nearby park to play some games and relax, then went to Visby for some sightseeing and photos before taking the ferry to the Swedish mainland.

Bossa at the park in Visby.

Bossa and John on the Visby, looking out at the Baltic Sea.

Bossa and John on the Visby Strand.

Bossa and Diane, with the charming old town of Visby in the background.

Waiting for the ferry to the mainland.

Bossa on Diane's lap in our rental Volvo.

On the ferry, Bossa says good-bye to the island of Gotland.

That evening at the Hotel Corallen in Oskarshamn, we see the ferry heading back to Gotland.

From Sweden to Copenhagen and the Flight to the USA (June 10-13, 2012)

We spent Sunday night at the Hotel Corallen in Oskarshamn, Sweden. On Monday we drove to Karlshamn, where we watched Hound's Masterman "Lillebror" and other dachshunds competing in an agility match. Then, we drove to the Copenhagen Airport Hilton, where we spent Monday and Tuesday nights. Bossa attended a BizInt Smart Charts seminar at the Copenhagen Hilton on Tuesday and met several of our Danish and Swedish customers.

On Wednesday morning, we flew from Copenhagen to Newark, NJ, went to Liberty Park during our 6 hour layover, and then flew home to Orange, CA. Bossa was a fantastic, happy and confident traveler, and charmed everyone who met her!

Bossa explores the grounds of the Hotel Corallen in Oskarshamn (above and left)

Bossa plays with a lab at the Karlshamn agility trial (left) and rests after a long day at the Copenhagen Hilton.

Bossa and Diane after clearing US Customs in Newark (above) and at Liberty Park (right).

Bossa goes to Puppy Kindergarten in Yorba Linda, CA (June 14, 2012)

On Thursday, the day after we got home, Bossa attended her first Puppy Kindergarten class at Jump Start Dog Sports in Yorba Linda, CA. She's on her way to years of training and doxi fun!

Video of Bossa playing the tag game and puppy playtime.

Bossa in her camp chair (above), watching the other dogs. At right, Bossa playing the attention game. Below, Bossa with a terrier puppy during playtime, and at bottom right, Bossa playing the tag game with John.

Photos by Bertha Adamson.