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Bossa's Chirribi's Puppy Photos

We first learned about the Chirribi's "Elvis" litter in February 2012 when Marie Gadolin wrote, "There is one quite interesting litter being born early March on the island of Gotland."

After Olive failed to have puppies in Fall 2011, we planned a trip to Scandinavia to visit breeders of potential Dorndorf-related litters. We put the Chirribi's litter on our list and contacted May-Gun expressing interest after the puppies were born on 4 March.

Between March and early June, May-Gun sent us photos and information on the two smallest female puppies. We ended up selecting "bitch 4", the smallest puppy in the litter, who May-Gun registered as Chirribi's Bossa Nova Baby.

The photo at right and below are photos taken by May-Gun.

"Tik 4" -- Bossa at 4 weeks old.

Bossa's Easter Card photo - 5 weeks old

Bossa at 6 weeks old -- outside for the first time.

The four female puppies at 6 weeks -- Bossa is the one on the far right.

Bossa at 10 weeks old.

Bossa at 11 weeks old.

On 9 June 2012 we arrived on Gotland to meet and evaluate the two smallest girls in the "Elvis" litter. Below are some photos we took of Bossa and her relatives on 9-10 June.

John with Bossa's sire, Hound's Uncle Sam.

Bossa's mother, Hound's Mercedes.

John stacks Bossa's sister while Mercedes watches.

Bossa on the table.

Bossa from the front on the table.

The other puppies crashed in the puppy pen, but Bossa wanted to stay with us and put her paw on Diane's leg. We were smitten!

See Bossa's Journey to California for the story of Bossa's journey from Gotland to her new home in California.